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12 December 2020 @ 02:28 pm
Hi there! katy_alex here!

You can call me katy, alex or lexy^^

I think now It's the best if I start to organize my fics since I'll be writing different oneshot/multi ones.
 Of course I'll be updating this as well xD

It's easy like this isn't it? xD




Longing (NC-17)
Summary: What happens when Jin injures himself on rehearsal for his upcoming stage concert? How about having Kame paying a little visit?

There is nothing certain in life... Or is there? (NC-17)
Summary: Kame and Jin are married. After ten months being a happy couple, the younger sees himself facing a distant Jin, who’s been avoiding him for two months now. Could he not love Kame anymore?

OneShot Series:

banner credits to xkaidakioko

Mount Olympus (NC-17) - Collaboration with [info]xkaidakioko

Summary: The Japanese Olymp land is called Johnny’s Entertainment. There, in a peaceful sky land, are two half-brothers gods that always hate each other since birth: The war god, Akanishi Jin and the love and beauty god, Kamenashi Kazuya. How come they start to love each other?!

Chapters: (1a)(1b)(2)(3a)(3b)

Vampire's Kiss (PG-13 - NC-17) - Ongoing

Summary: Jin is a vampire who falls in love with a human since the first time he met him. His brother Ryo is supposed to marry with a human. Yamapi is searching for a human to kill his thirst on. What are they supposed to do when their human turns to be the same?

Chapters: (Extended Summary) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6a)(6b) (7) (8)

Hana Yori Dango - Akame version (PG - NC-17) - Ongoing

Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya is a poor boy whose parents work hard to enroll him in Eitoku Academy, the most prestigious school in Japan. There are only two problems: Eitoku is a school only for very rich kids and the other one, Akanishi Jin and his F4 group.

Chapters: (Characters) (1) (2) (3) (4)


My cute, (not so) innocent student (NC-17)

Summary: Yunho has his dream to fulfill even so, there’s only one think he can think about: how to get in Jaejoong’s pants. Jaejoong has his finals coming even so, there’s only one think he can think about: how to get in his teacher’s pants.

Parts: (1)(2)



We Belong Together (Safe)

Summary: Park Bom belongs to Choi Seunghyun; Park Dara belongs to Kwon Jiyoung  - TOGETHER

Parts: (1) (2)


If you're reading them then thank you very much!
If you not... Then you better! *kills* eheh
Don' forget to comment also,
Cause I don't like silent readers at all *Giving a bad aura to those*!

I don't bite at all little screaming yeah but not bites so if you want to add me as your friend I don't mind, just tell me a little about you (like name and where are you from) in this post or any other or in a message for me - promise I'll answer as soon as I can!

Can as well make requests on your favorite pairing and i'll try writing by your ideas (always giving credits xD).

None of my fics is locked yet, but i don't garantee it will be forever xD so be sure to comment at least to say you liked it or not

Last but not least:

follow me in my twitter, I'll be sure to follow you back :P
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13 April 2016 @ 12:01 pm
Hello dear friends/readers!

Allow me to make a post on the latest kpop news:

Following the Breaking News on 2NE1 - Minzy is Leaving!

Yes, the dancing machine maknae is leaving after amazing us with years of a great voice and dazzling dancing moves.

KPOP will never be the same. 2NE1 was always a Four people group, now it will be left with 3, with CL as maknae. Even though I love each and every single one of them, i can't say it will the same music we are used to hear. Minzy's voice is unique, the four of them completed eachother to make them one of the top kpop bands.

Lemme use this oportunity to remember other bands that I love and in my opinion, will never be the same

  • DBSK (5)

What: JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu left the group and former a trio called JYJ
When: 2010
Why: Rumours have it – and since we can never be sure of something like this unless we live it and I do not want to judge anyone without knowing for sure, I’ll keep saying it’s a RUMOUR – SM treats their artists badly and that made the 3 of them fill a lawsuit against SM.

  • KAT-TUN (6)

What: Jin Left -MY AKAME FEELS!!!!
When: 2010
Why: pursue solo career - He still amazed us with many many new, english songs tho~

What: TANAKA Left my baldie rapper :'(
When: 2013
Why: Apparently, Koki violated his contract

What: Taguchi Left - will never hear the "Iriguchi, Deguchi, Taguchi desu!" again :'(
When: 2015
Why: Announced to leave to focus on his personal life

KATTUN took a pretty hard hit ><

  • NEWS (9)

What: Takahiro Moriuchi, Uchi Hiroki, Hironori Kusano
When: soon after debut - 2004, 2005, 2006
Why: focus on his studies, last two caught underaged drinking

What: Yamapi, Ryo - gaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
When: 2011
Why: focus on his solo projects, conflits between NEWS and Kanjani8's agenda - hard to be in two WORLD FAMOUS bands!

Another harsh hit for JE boys!

The last, I want to know if any of you agree with me, will kpop/jpop be the same with all these disbanding????!!!! Did you like the original version or after-disbanding version better?
Poll #2042161 Original or Disbanded????

Which Version Do You Like the Most?

Original Kpop/Jpop Version
After-Disbanding Kpop/Jpop Version

Do tell me if any information here is not updated and/or if you want me to add any other group that disbanding made the diference for you!

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13 April 2016 @ 09:51 am
So...since I'm not believing i'm doing this EITHER i decided to post a short summary of what's happening on my next fic, which i will obviously will ask drugslovepain_9 to beta if she doesn't mind it with not being an usual pairing-

As promised, I'm writing a ChanMi oneshot, short nickname I created to Chanyeol(EXO) and Seulmi (ulzzang) pairing. The story line follows their meeting, how they fall in love, how they end up together.

"What to do when your manager schedules a TV show where you have to meet the person you’ve always admired secretly?

What if your band members insist that you participate in some boring, gossiping TV show when you will meet the person you thought your heart would never beat for?

That was the start of everything… in one word…Destiny."

The story will go from there. I already have a few lines written and i hope I do finish it soon, maybe this week or the next.

The credits to this pairing/story go obviously to the two people that made this unlikely pair possible:
- Chanyeol
- Seulmi

For those who don't know, this RolePlay couple has been together since 2014! Let's cheer them up neh~? *grins*
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12 April 2016 @ 09:59 am
Hi there!

Whoa, it's really been a while! I'm sorry for going missing all these years, i was really busy getting used to growing up and have a job and all of those that i couldn't even write AT ALL! I miss it and i miss you guys!

Anyway, since I'm getting more and more used to it, i was wonder if i should come back to my old fanfics (and yes, that includes Mount Olympus if my dear friend xkaidakioko is still up for it) and maybe add some with new, younger pairings.

I've been meaning to write a Chanyeol/ Seulmi one since my pair in rp asked me for it... like 2 years ago eheheh - expect this soon~
For those who don't know EXO - i mean, who doesn't >< Chanyeol is one of the members. Seulmi is a ulzzang, former singer, very pretty!

In any case, do tell me if you wish me to continue and make your requests on fanfics pairings by commenting this post.

Remember commenting is like whiskas for me, i love it! :*

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26 October 2012 @ 10:39 am
Title: Hana Yori Dango – Akame version^^
Author: katy_alex
Pairing: Akame (main), PiKame, RyoDa, TegoPi, JinxShinohara Ryoko (Brothers), KokixMaru
Rating: PG-15 (for now)
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, neither the plot since its manga/drama based~~ Just own the few things that may change according to my personal feelings~~
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya is a poor boy whose parents work hard to enroll him in Eitoku Academy, the most prestigious school in Japan. There are only two problems: Eitoku is a school only for very rich kids and the other one, Akanishi Jin and his F4 group. 

The day started like many others since that damn day when Nakamaru knocked against Akanishi Jin, turning Kamenashi Kazuya’s life in a living hell. Day after day he was bullied by his followers, or Akanishi himself while the other student did nothing but watch silently, fearing the same treatment if they were to stand up for him.

Although today was different. He was not the same strong Kamenashi the entire school came to know him as, not caring if he was getting bullied ever since he passed the school’s gate. Even when feet made him tumble, even when water and eggs flied all over to his face, he didn’t seem to care at all. He just stood up and continued on his path till disappear from everyone’s sight, totally covered in dirt as a sad and lonely expression filled his face, ready to escape to the only place he came to know as his; the only place where he could run from this cruel reality.

The only place he could remember the last day happening with his mortal enemy and let his feelings command the tears that slowly fell by his cheeks.

~~ Flashback/ Kame’s POV ~~

“I’m getting my reward~~”  Those were the words I heard coming from his mouth, inches away from mine and getting even closer as I kept thinking about a way out that didn’t evolved my arms seeing how they were still strongly pinned above my head. So this was why he brought me here: to make me forget everything I suffered for him and his stupid slave-like people first and then claim his ‘reward’ as he called it when I only see this as a punishment. Well, he was wrong; very wrong in thinking I would just forget everything he did to me before and I came to know this guy wasn’t just arrogant and spoiled; he was also the dumbest person I ever met in my entire life.

I saw his lips getting near to mine until I felt his breath against my own and I forced my eyes to close not to see his idiotic though hot face.

Not the ‘hot’ word, mind!

Gomena, body, but he IS the HOTTEST stuff!

“Don’t… Dare…” I whispered to give him a last chance to move away which he certainly didn’t as I felt a light touch on my lips. If you ask me what my thoughts were at that time, I can’t really describe it.

A person like Akanishi Jin was about to kiss me; not only some rich person but the richest person in the entire country was about to join his lips on mine.

The same me: a poor person who accidently step on his path.

Even though I was supposed to feel blessed with his actions the only thing I could think of was a way, any way I could use to run from that situation.

Even though I was supposed to be proud for being in that place, I just pushed my knee right where Jin’s weak point was supposed to be, making him letting go of my hands in the second I hit him while his body fell back in pain.

“FUCK! You turtle! It’s the second time already! That shit hurts!” Oh yes, he would probably became infertile if he wouldn’t stop teasing me like that. I planned on kicking him each time he was to get on my nerves now that I knew how weak and vulnerable he would be after. It made me feel powerful somehow.

“Suit yourself! If you ever touch me again I’ll kick your little friend out!” I hissed back, sticking my tongue out to the one that was now kneeled in front of me. I had to admit, part of me pitied him – because as a man, I also know how painful it can became when we’re kicked… THERE – thought that part of me was definitely much smaller than the part that screamed in happiness inside my head for my gorgeous well-done action.

“Where do you think you’re going?! HEY!” I was able to see Jin forcing his way up as it was the only approach he saw to get me once again, and in seconds his arms circled my waist throwing us both to the floor as he quickly blocked another flying kick, that never met the destination once Jin’s hand held my knee strongly while a light smiled formed again in his lips.

His smile was definitely not a friendly one; instead it looked like I just met my death right here and now, plus definitely not in a pleasant way. Oh no, Akanishi Jin was definitely not the type to just kill people like that, he would certainly make them suffer in a very slow and painful way before the final strike. For me, his cruel way of looking at me, with those piercing deep brown eyes ready to skin me alive was the exact right way to kill me as slowly as he wished.

I could see by the reflex on his orbs my own scared eyes as my mouth threaten to scream feeling my hands held strongly between only one of his while the other was still painfully trying to keep my knee away from him even if I fought so much to free myself. “I won’t get hit three times in the same place, Ka-me-chan~. You should probably be worrying about what I’m going to do now~~”

“AKANISHI JIN, don’t you dare!” I had to confess, now I was really scared and not knowing what should I do to free myself from his hands, his face and his presence.

“Kiss or not kiss? That is THE question~~” Shakespeare had a new name now and a new brand pervert mind attached to him that could only match with the Akanishi being. That Shakespeare made me sick till my dear and life-loving bones.

“Not kiss!!!” Not even if my body and head were shaking all over, not even when he knew I hate him he was thinking on putting his stupid act to a stop, making me even more scared, now more than ever until the only way I saw to make him free me was keep quiet and stare angry at his eyes, gratefully seeing him releasing his hold from my hands and body, lifting his hands in the air in defeat when I got up, eyeing his kneeled being with a so strong will to hit him dead that I actually had to bite on my tongue for having such bad thoughts while he still kept that dirty and pervert smile on his lips.

“I know you want me.” I had to laugh at that. I didn’t even care about what would be his reaction to that, I just had to. It wasn’t a question or a request; it was more like a fact. A fact that was a totally lie. “The way you tried to catch my attention made it obvious. And since I’m a nice guy and you’re kinda cute, I’ll let you walk with me and talk to me outside the school walls.” Those words made me shut up in the second they came out his dirty yet perfect mouth to stare at him, blinking countless times.

“W-what? Are you trying to buy me? YOU MUST BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!” A bastard. A jerk. A stupid pervert. That is what Akanishi Jin is. He really thinks he can buy his friends using his parent’s money and influence? Well, he hasn’t met someone like me before obviously. Even if I was living under a bridge, I would never agree with something like selling myself, not to a guy like Akanishi, not in this life time, not in the next either.

“There’s nothing I can’t buy… Even a pretty rough kitty like you~” Why is that this awesome stadium looked so little each time he took a step forward me? In seconds, I found myself again inches apart from him as his fingers touched my cheek just in time to have my hand driving them off with a tap.

“I’m not a kitty and definitely not a person on who you can use your dirty money!” Now it was his time to laugh hard at my words, not convinced at all about the truth behind them. That laugh only made me want to kick him again.

Control, Kame, control!

“Are you going to tell me you’re like those bitches that say they can’t be brought with MY money?” He didn’t even wait for me to answer. He continued as I didn’t have the right to say anything. “Silly~”

Urgh getting sick again!

 “Money can buy EVERYTHING. Including you… Didn’t you see how happy you were when you met your favorite team? Or when you dressed that, lemme say, very hot uniform…” It pained me so much to think how right he was, how truth were his words and see that I really was happy when I realized my dreams were coming true this afternoon. Knowing that I would remember this day forever actually made me curse myself mentally because it was him who did all of this for me. I would remember this day as one of the best of my life even when it was Akanishi Jin, the man I hated so much, allowing me to live it.

“You can’t buy everything…” Was this sentence too cliché? Even if it was, I was sure of my words as I was sure I was a living being, at least I thought that. “Even if I was happy today, I still hate you and that will never change, Akanishi Monkey Jin!” I ran away from him again. It was the only way I found to hide from my own frustration and sadness.

~~ End of flashback ~~

I was thinking about what Akanishi Baka Monkey Jin told me ever since I first got my face away from him. He was damn right about his words and I was completely lost, feeling like a cheap thing he had just brought in the supermarket.

I couldn’t even sleep thinking about that, finishing with these huge panda eyes on my face.

I didn’t even had the strength to fight when I was bullied; didn’t even throw the students a threating look. I just wanted my quiet corner in the school and the only one person I knew to be there to somehow make me feel better.

Was it too much for me to ask for his company?

Ohayo Turtle-chan.” There he was. The one that made my heart skip a beat ever since he first saved me. The one that I knew to be in love with now, seeing how he never lifted his face from the magazine he was reading to look at me, smiling. “Jinjin again?”

“Eh?” I stare at him. He wasn’t even looking at me when he talked, leaving me even more confused that I already was. But he did chuckled when I spoke, leaving his magazine behind and walking to be face to face with me, looking at my confused eyes.

Jinjin bullied you again?” He was so handsome, looking this close. I mean I always thought he was hot and nice but now, seeing him this close made my heart skipped too many beats; made my breath stop; made my eyes blink over and over again; made my cheeks so red I could feel the rest of the eggs cooking over my skin. That only turned worse when I felt something touching my dirty cheeks. A ‘something’ that was nothing more than Pi-san’s handkerchief cleaning me. The best was… IT WASN’T MY HAND BEHIND THAT PIECE OF CLOTH! He was touching my cheek on his free will and I felt like fainting any second now.

“Ahm..Erm…” Why again, I managed to stumble on my words like this when he was with me? Why in the earth was I falling in love with one of the F4? Never less with Jin’s best buddy?

Well, Jin’s best buddy isn’t Jin and definitely doesn’t look like Jin at all!

Kame shrugged his shoulders in his thoughts as he fought to speak straight with the older man. “T-Thank you!” Another chuckle came out his mouth as I noticed I didn’t really answer his question to thank him instead.

“Turtle-chan is so cute~” If my blush could grow any bigger, the moment he pinched my now clean cheek was that moment. I just stood still, blink-less while staring at his eyes for what it looked like hours till his eyes looked over my shoulder, losing his smile and coughing awkwardly. “I should go now. Bye bye Turtle-chan~” My nod was the last think I showed him as he shoved his handkerchief in my hand and left through the corridor, leaving me alone once again.

~~ End of Kame’s POV ~~

“Pi-san…” His name came out the younger’s mouth even before he noticed his sorrowing’s, particularly a fuming anger beast right behind him as he kept staring in the direction the other disappeared to. His hand was gripping the piece of cloth tight as he tried somehow to control himself and not run after the older.

~~ Flashback~~

“That’s the point, my dear Kame-chan~ I can buy everything and WILL buy you too.” Jin let his prey ran away from him, for the first time knowing he would come back. If he didn’t came back for Jin, he will certainly come when Jin was to grab and force him to, not willing to let go anymore when he was to do it.

Jin knew he had it all: the looks, the personality, the money and, most important, the power. The money that he used to buy everything he wanted, also the power he possessed that allowed him to control every single person he wanted to. Although even if this Kamenashi Kazuya seemed like he didn’t care much about those things, he would start to mind them even if he had to throw money to his face and show him who the boss was.

He laughed to himself as he walked to the exit, finally happy that his new prey had a little interest he could use, he came to face his best friend, who was few meters away from the last door to the street, also with a smile on his face while looking at one single point where another boy had just left to. “Pi~~ Did you see my Kame-chan~?” He asked in a sing song tone.

“Yours? Him? Since when?” Seeing how Jin was happily dancing around him was enough to make him laugh hard, almost even crying for laughing too much as he bubbled some questions.

“Since I decided obviously~~” Pi rolled his eyes to his best friend’s answer, just shaking his head before his arm circled around Jin’s shoulders to pull him in a whisper and flicked a finger on his forehead.


~~ End of Flashback ~~

Now Jin could see it all. Why his best friend acted like that, why Kame pretended to hate him. It was all because they were meeting behind his back, like two little kids.

The powerful one cursed under his breath as he felt himself closer to explode watching HIS prey betraying him with his best friend. His eyes turning deadly dangerous as he heard HIS man whispering his best friend’s name.

“That’s how it is~” Kame turned his body to face the other fast and trembling, scared when he noticed the other’s lifeless eyes as he walked upstairs to meet the younger.

For each step Jin gave to him, Kame made sure to give a step back till he finished knocking against a wall, with no place to run in the moment the older one blocked his now only way out.: the door right beside him.

“Have you ever thought what I’ll do to little sluts like you?” His voice sounded too dangerous for the living. Even the dead would probably shiver in their graves just hearing him talking right now.

As for Kame, he never got as terrified in his life as he was now.

“I-I’m not!” A fist. Yeah, a fist was what he saw in the moment he screamed those words. Though he thought that fist was supposed to hit him straight in his face and close his eyes, feeling no pain what’s or ever. Instead, the wall beside him was violently crashed by Jin’s strong and now bloody fist making him gulp hard before looking at the other.

“I’ll tell you what… I’ll let you have a 3-seconds headway before I get you and show you what I do to dirty whores.” With those words Jin’s arms freed the door not giving Kame much time to reply before he started a countdown and the younger widen his eyes, running away as fast as he could, believing the other would really hurt him now.

Someone! Please, someone!

His mind screamed the words that his mouth couldn’t. He was just too scared to even ask for help as he heard the other’s steps coming closer to his own. How come his running seemed like nothing? His feet felt heavy, his body ready to fall every instant now as he trying his best to find a way out of this situation.

“Kitty-chan~” It was close; so close that Kame had to look back, finishing by tripping on your own feet and fall on his face in the floor with a large ‘thump’. His feet felt blocked and not ready to move from its place. Big tears started to fall down his cheeks as he tried to crawl away feeling the corridor in front of him turning each time longer.

“P-please… Jin, stop!” His strength was gather on his scream when he turned away to see his feet being grabbed and pulled violently by and to the angry one.

“You like this, don’t you?” The smirk on his face together with his lifeless eyes made the younger slap him strong. Yes, slap like a bitch, but it was the only way he found noticing both his legs powerfully held by the other’s own. That slap made the other even angrier, pinning his wrists above his head while leaning closer to his face.

“NO!” All Kame’s efforts to turn his face away from the other’s reach were ignored when a strong hand held him by his chin and turned him back; his lips forcefully feeling the other’s in seconds after that as his screams were silent by the other’s mouth; his tongue violently raped when he older just forced his lips to open with a strong bite of his teeth while many screams joined the first one, again in vain.

He stood there, second after second, soon turning to what it looked like an eternity as he tried hard to breathe each time the powerful one switched angles and let a small opening between their lips, before he could finally feel his now wounded lips set free.

How come he didn’t even noticed the bites given by the older were turning his lips in blood? He was to focus in trying to forget this feeling, to forget his tears were almost drowning him, to forget Akanishi Jin was the one doing this to him, to notice the pain coming from his actions.

“Kitty-chan’s tasty~” The pervert licked his lips still tasting the blood on them before forcing the weak’s one head to tilt, giving him a clear view of his white skinned neck, the place where his attention went right after hungrily sucking and biting.

~~ Jin’s POV ~~

I couldn’t see or hear anything. My senses were totally blocked by this blood lust feeling inside of me. Ever since I saw my Kame blushing by Pi’s presence I feel like proving him that he’s only mine since that day.

I almost knocked him down but managed to stop before that beautiful face of his could be ruined; knowing perfectly that kind of punishment wasn’t enough for him. Oh yes, Akanishi Jin always hurt where it pains the most.

I let him run knowing perfectly as well that his legs were trembling and weak from the previous scare, so he wouldn’t go far. Oh yes, Akanishi Jin loved a good hunting.

I kissed him knowing perfectly how much he would be hurt, joining some bites here and there to mark him as mine; first his lips, then on his pure neck. Oh yes, HE WAS MINE NOW.

Only I would have power over him and he wouldn’t dare to defy me again like he did. Those marks I was doing on him meant that; those tears of his running down his cheeks and wetting his hair meant that. I was ready to take him right here and now.


My heart suddenly skipped a beat. He wasn’t pretending; those tears where real and something on them made my humanity come back and let go of him, planting a soft kiss on his forehead before fixing his clothes.

“I’m sorry, Kitty-chan…”

16 October 2012 @ 01:22 pm
part 1


‘Look into my eyes 
Oh i’ll try to only believe in you 
Every day I do nothing but cry alone 
I’m so grateful…
Oh baby baby’ 

What are we supposed to reply when our best-friend comes and say he’s been in love with you all along?

I remembered very well how I was before I met him: the long nights I waited awake for my papa to return, the nights that I cried when he didn’t came home, the times I was sick and had to face it all alone, the times the other kids bullied me and I cried with nobody to help me.

Jiyong changed it all. He became my strength and my support when I needed and when I didn’t. But truth was I still didn’t know if my feelings were those of brotherly love or true love and I certainly didn’t want to hurt my best friend like that, pretending to feel the same about him.

“Are you serious?” After some time I managed to ask jumping in surprise when he took my hand and placed on his chest, right over his heart.

“Tell me you’ll be with me, Bommie…” His voice came in nothing more than a whisper and I bit on my lip, looking straight into his eyes to see how truth they were. I couldn’t just disappoint him after all he had done for a person like me so before I knew it I felt myself nod slowly as his hand moved to my cheek, caressing my skin while his head came closer to mine, our lips closing on each other’s in a slow kiss.

My first kiss.

I’m giving my first kiss to my first friend.


I’m giving my first kiss to my first boyfriend. Jiyong… G-Dragon…

‘Embrace me 
Through all eternity let’s be together like this 
If you’re tired you can lean on me 
I’ll always love you baby’

If what we have is love, then I can say I’m the happiest girl in the world. GD was the perfect best friend before and turned out to be also the best boyfriend any girl would want. He took me to many dates, going to all my favorite places like the movies where he kindly agreed on see a romantic comedy even when he liked action ones.

If what we have is love, then I don’t want to let this go for nothing in this world, because he, more than anybody, deserves to be happy.

If what we have is love, then I don’t mind staying like this forever and be the one you can thrust your live into. 

‘Hey hey hey hey 
Wait a moment, stop please 
You’re the only dazzling essence for me

The only one that suit me, my only bride’

Choi Seunghyun is the name my parents gave me, though I prefer being called as TOP more than anything else. I simply don’t like my name because with it comes the idea of me being the one and only son of Choi’s Enterprise and my limited freedom ever since I was a little boy.

The only freedom left to me was enough to go out with my group of friends once or twice in a week. The same club, the same people, the same everything every day, that was what I hated the most.

Today though, it was different.

It’s not the same as the other days because on this day, I met my only soul mate. She was dancing on the dance floor, shaking her body on the beat of the music while the people around her seemed to step aside to let her do her beautiful moves. All except one: a guy, about my age or maybe younger, moving behind her and whisper on her ear once here and then making her chuckled and turn to him, lacing her arms around his neck when a calmer sound came in the speakers while his own came to hug her by her waist and lean closer to each other.   

‘No matter what they say, our relationship is a big flame 
It can’t be broken 
Best in this world 
Most incredible’

She had a boyfriend but that didn’t stop me at all. Soon, I was walking in her direction and dancing around her too, as a new beating song came and the guy besides her walked out, probably to get some drinks to them as she gave the last steps on the dance floor before her face turned to mine, almost knocking our lips together. Yeah, I had already moved to her that close. In surprise, she held my shoulders when her scare made her trip on her own feet, her body leaning against mine making me almost release a satisfied moan against her neck.

“I’m sorry!” I could see her frighten look when she moved her body from mine, leaving that empty feeling I always had before. “Did I hurt you?!” She was still panting hard because of her dancing, her hair slightly sticking around her neck with a tiny layer of sweat, making her look so eatable that I had to take a deep breath before I could talk straight.

“I’m fine.”  My soul mate shook her head with a smile on her lips and a confused expression filling her face. The music was still loud around our ears, making it impossible for her to hear my words seeing that I didn’t screamed like her before. “Come!” Just taking her hand in mine, I pulled her away from the dance floor and walked to the VIP section where I used to party, a sound proofed room with particular music and dancers, and whatever I wanted, since my parents owned the place.

If you ask… No, I didn’t care that the other guy was probably looking for her. I didn’t even care that she was pushing her head from mine when I first held her. I only cared on knowing more about her. I smiled, seeing how quickly she forgot the man outside when opened the door for the room to give us passage to look around with wide eyes and wow sounds coming from her mouth when she saw how big and perfectly fit for a small club my room was.

“What’s your name?”

‘Every day I ask the same question 
Two of us alone even though we live life 
I get tired and weary 
Even if you and I fall 
Trapped in the world’s maze 
You’re the only one who cheered me on’

She turned and looked at me letting me see something that the darkness from the club outside didn’t let me see: her shinning dark orbs looking straight at mine. They were the most perfect and calling eyes I ever seen. Trying to not stare too much at her lifting figure, I walked to the couch and let my body fall in it with a sound thump and took a cigarette of my pocket, about to light it when she suddenly came to steal the little circular thing out of my lips.

“Smoke it’s bad-”

“What’s your name?” I interrupted her again, pushing her to fall on the couch right over me. She was angry now or at least scared since her expression changed again to a more serious one before she forced her arm free of mine hand to slap my face right after she stand on her feet once more.

Will I look like a pervert if I say that I really like her slap? I don’t care about that either.


‘My hero after I met you 
My life’s like drama 
My heart’s going to you like to mountains and trees’

I laughed. I laughed hard when she screamed at me. It was the first time somebody ever called me that so I can’t talk about other times, but hearing her calling me that hurt so much that I had to laugh not to show my weak side.

“What- Where’s the key?!” Her voice was the only one that I wouldn’t mind to hear scream at me. She had such a nice voice… Much like the rest of her body and face. It wasn’t easy to find a woman like her in these days: usually when a woman is beautiful, she’s not childish cute or doll gorgeous but to be the three of them at the same time it was impossible. Impossible if it wasn’t the one walking back and forth between the little table before me and the door, pushing it a little to see if it was to open magically without a key.

“I’ll give you the key. Just want to know your name and have your word that you’ll meet me after tonight.”

‘It’s wider it’s blue like the see 
The waves of the sea are jealous of us
The battle against the wind 
Forever me & you 
Our love’s professing now’

“Park Bom.” Somehow I saw again another face of hers. This time it looked like she was thinking hard about by proposal to seconds after I hear the answer I expected so much her to say. “Alright… We can meet again…”

‘Look into my eyes 
Oh I’ll try to only believe in you 
Every day I do nothing but cry alone 
I’m so grateful…
Oh baby baby’

Ever since that day, the one I met that stranger that called himself TOP, my heart changed. Something on his eyes and in his rough way to talk to me made my heart beat like crazy against my chest, even more than when I met GD. I wanted to look like I was angry, after all he did locked me with him in a hided room, but to tell the true, I liked his way of doing things. He was not as sweet as GD; instead he knew what he wanted and what he needed to do to get it.

I came to that conclusion after weeks seeing him. Clubbing was now my favorite activity since I knew I would meet TOP there. I didn’t even ask GD to come with me now because he once told me he was already tired of clubbing every week, leaving me alone with my once charming stranger.

“Dara…” I whispered to my best-friend in the classroom just before classes could begin. “How do you know when you’re in love?”

“Bommie?” After seeing my super serious face and a notebook on my hand she just shook her head and sigh deeply before she spoke again. “First: You start blushing and smiling when you see him.”

GD-0; TOP-1

“Secondly: You want to know everything about him.” Dara continued as I took notes and points on my boyfriend and the one I think I’m falling for. GD, sorry but I already know everything about you.

GD-0; TOP-2

“Third: You spend as much time as possible with each other, and don't want to be apart.”

GD-1; TOP-3

“Fourth: You smile every time you hear his name and feel empty when he doesn't talk to you…” My hand trembled, writing again the points, smiling unconsciously when I saw TOP was winning.

GD-2; TOP-4

“And finally… You think about him all the time.” I nodded once she finished and lifted my notes, chuckling when I saw the big 5 next to TOP’s name. “OMG! You're thinking about him right now!” Dara screamed making the entire class turn to us as I signed her to shut up while my face had long turn pink in embarrassment.

“What should I do now?”

‘Embrace me 
Through all eternity let’s be together like this 
If you’re tired you can lean on me 
I’ll always love you baby’

As my best friend and the queen of love told me to do, I was now going to tell GD the truth, because first, he deserved to know my feelings for him were nothing but brotherly love and second, he didn’t deserved to be betrayed without knowing the truth. I saw him coming out his class at the same time I walked on the hallway on his direction and he smiled to me, running to meet me some seconds after to give me a kiss that I properly refused.

“I’m sorry… Jiyong…” I whispered when we were finally alone and hugged him while he stood glued to the floor without moving. “I fell in love with somebody else… I’m sorry.” Like he knew what I was saying, he nod and finally hugged me tight too, burying his head on my neck while his and my tears fell to each other’s clothes and skin.

“You’ll be forever my best friend… Now, go.” Cleaning my tears, his lips curved lightly in a smile and encouraged me to meet TOP and confess to him with only those two tiny words. For the years I’ve known him, I already knew what he meant with each and every single raw word. I just nodded and kissed his cheek, giving some steps behind before I turned and run to call TOP and ask him to meet me. “You’ll be forever my angel… Bommie.”

‘Baby, take my hand 
Believe in me

We’re together 
There’s nothing to worry at all’

As soon as I saw him waiting for me in the park like we agreed to I immediately run to him, jumping to his arms as soon as he was on my reach and turned to my direction, laughing when he lost his balance, making our bodies fall on the ground below us as his eyes stared wide open to mine. Seeing the confusion on his expression, I remained on his lap, ignoring my paining knees that had knocked hard against the grass looking at him and smiling while my arms laced around his neck.

“Bom?” All he heard was a ‘humm’ answering my name coming from his mouth and he leaned to me, hugging my waist in one arm while the other went to his neck, grabbing my hand in his. “What’s the meaning of this?” I chuckled and crossed my fingers in his, eyeing him seductively as my lips joined with his gently in a quick peck.

“This means… Will you accept me as your girlfriend?”

‘Baby look at me 
Don’t hesitate and lean on me 
I get excited 
With just the thought of you’

Many people would probably think that I’m a bad person.

I mean, I broke up with my boyfriend because I suddenly decided I was in love with another guy; a guy that I knew barely for two months when compared to Jiyong that I knew for years.

However, I just couldn’t boss my heart to love Jiyong when the only thing I feel for him is brotherly love, could I? We would be both unhappy in the future because I don’t think I would ever change my feelings about him even if I wanted that more than everything.

“Are you sure? How about Jiyong?” He asked me, arching one of his eyebrows, a thing I always found cute about him since we met.

“I’m sure. GD understood that I don’t love him like a man but only as a brother and could never return back his feelings even if I had tried for the past months andff” I was talking as quickly as that man in the end of the publicity to medicine that nobody can understand a thing of what he says when TOP finally took my lips on his, tasting them again, now better than my peck earlier as his arm around my waist pulled my body more to meet his, still sat on his legs. I moaned as I felt his tongue playing over my lips and immediately opened them to welcome him inside my cavern, holding myself again by his neck as his strength made me almost fall from him to the ground directly.

‘Hold my huge heart 
I want to meet you 
We’re together forever 
We belong together you’re my love’

“I love you…” It was my first time saying those words to anybody. Not even when I was with Jiyong I managed to say them, grateful that he understood I just wasn’t ready to do that. With TOP though, I felt like I was the happiest girl in the world with my first beloved prince charming.

I repeated those words over and over again along the months we were together. 3 months to be exact, the best 3 months of my life with the person I fell for and my friends right beside me. Though it pained me to see Jiyong each time I was with TOP because I knew he still felt the same way for me, he never once turned his back when I asked with to, fearing he would be upset or sad, always saying that he only wanted my happiness and that he would always be there for me.

He was also there when TOP came to my house, saying the best and most perfect words I wanted to hear from him while offering me a box at the same time he kneeled on the floor.

“I love you my angel.”

“TOP… I love you the most~”

“Baby Park Bom, will you marry me?”

“Yes, Choi Seunghyun, I’ll marry you.”

‘Oh baby baby 
Don’t leave me
Without you I’m nothing 
You know that’

“I do.”

Hearing those two words coming from my best friend and her – now – husband, made my heart ache more than anything, even drawing tears from my eyes as I stand next to be groom but staring at his bride. The beautiful and more than never angel in white dress smiling before the priest told he could kiss the bride.

Somehow, deep inside my heart, a tiny thread of hope still lingered waiting for her to run to me as before, telling she loved me instead and that she would be mine forever. Instead, she was saying those words to another one, the one she truly loved more than a brother, making me feel empty inside without her love.

‘Oh baby baby 
Don’t let go of my hand 
Don’t make me cry 
Stay like this through all eternity’

Jiyong…” Bommie whispered to me as she came to say goodbye before she and TOP could leave for their honeymoon, a perfect trip along the Europe for the two love birds. I just smiled and hugged her, patting her head while TOP continued talking with his family.

“Don’t worry, Bommie. I’ll be fine.” A lie, but one I had to tell her. It’s wasn’t her fault that she didn’t felt the same as me, it wasn’t either of us fault’s that I fell for her 12 years ago, neither that I still loved her now.

She would be forever my best friend. The one I would be there for and she would be there for me as long as we lived.

About my heart… I just had to learn how to live without her presence as my girlfriend and definitely, had to forget I ever loved her.

‘Oh baby baby 
Even if time passes by 
We’re like we used to be 
(You know) you know me’

“So tell me! GD tell me already!!!” Bommie whined shaking by body through my shoulders when he met on the coffee shop, a day after she and TOP returned from their two month long honeymoon. I just shook my finger in front of her face signing ‘no’, making her pout.

“You first.” Convinced that she would never win over me, she took a deep breath and held my hand over her stomach.

“I need you to be the godfather~~” Oh! My! God! Bommie is pregnant! Bommie is pregnant! Bommie is… Wait… Enough. I nodded happily and forced the coffee in front of her away before she could even protest to give her my orange juice instead. “Aish!”

“Shut. I won’t allow my best friend to get my godson drunk in coffee.” We laughed together just like we have done so many times before. I was truly happy for her now. The moment I choose to tell her my good news. “Bommie…” I waited her to ‘hmm’ at me then I looked at her and shoot the words, not even remembering she was about to drink her juice,  making her split the gulp all over my face as soon as I finished. I knew that she would happy for me in the moment those three words escape through my mouth: “I’m in love.”

‘Oh baby baby 
I’m here 
Let me embrace you 
Lean on me believe in me my love

“I love you, Ji”

“I love you too…Dara…”


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16 October 2012 @ 01:11 pm
Title: We Belong Together
Author: katy_alex
Pairing: TOPxBom; GDxBom: GDxDara (mentioned)
Rating: G
Beta: None
Genre: Romance, Fluffy(?)
Disclaimer: Think people! if i own any of them, i wouldn't do this XD
Summary: A story about how Bom's heart got divided between her best friend and the man she truly loved

A/N1: This was a birthday gift for my dear beta (of course i wouldn't ask her to beta this too), but only managed to post it now T_T
A/N2: Know the person singing to understand the three POVs~
Music: ‘We Belong Together’ by G-Dragon & TOP ft. Park Bom (translation)


‘Yeah, Baby Boo
I'm always thinking about you
Whatever you do, I’ll always trust you
You know... We belong together uh’

I’ve known her my entire life, ever since I can remember it and loved her ever since I know the meaning of that word.

I was just turning six years and was going with my mom to buy a birthday cake when I first saw her: a cute little girl in a blue dress, hand-in-hand with a man that I came to know as her father, walking down the street when our eyes locked on each other’s and she smiled at me, her eyes a little red and swollen.

Sitting on a step before the cake store, I continued staring at her beauty, completely hypnotized by that girl.

I wondered ever since the first moment, the moment my heart bumped strongly against my little chest, what was that feeling I felt by seeing her smile to me or her sweet brown eyes staring back to mine.

‘Look into my eyes oh
I’ll try to only believe in you
Every day I do nothing but cry alone
I’m so grateful’

I was ten when my mom die, leaving me alone with my dad. She was just getting me a new doll from my favorite shop when a car ran over her after ignoring the red sign.

That was three months ago.

And today, was the first day that papa allowed me to go and see the place where my mommy lost her life, leaving papa alone to take care of me which he did the best he could for the past months, even though his work as a successful business man never let him do a better job than being in home to see me once in a week, or if I was lucky, once in two days. That was my family, a dead mommy, a busy-to-death papa and a little girl with a lots of cash and every single material thing she wanted, but that never knew love ever since her mother left her.

Papa shook my hand when he saw me lost in my thoughts and looked down to me, waiting for my head to follow his stare. When it came, little tears were falling for both mine and his face yet he still smiled, using his big thumbs to clean mines away from my cheeks, making me smile back for his action.

After some time staring at the street and the cars passing, papa gripped on my hand and signed us to get back on our car where ajusshi was patiently waiting while reading his favorite newspaper.

Only then I noticed a younger boy looking at our direction with his mom taking him by his hand on the same sidewalk as us. He was not just looking, he was staring at us like we were the stranger things in the world but that look soon fade as his mother signed him to wait for her at the door of a cake store.

The little boy nodded and sat on the first step of the stairs, his eyes again looking at mine’s, this time our bodies almost in front of each other as my papa continued pulling me to the car. He certainly should be very happy, having his mom with him, taking care and loving the young boy just like I wished to have. That made me smile to him, chuckling a little when his eyes wide opened and his mouth followed their way too. 

‘Oh baby baby
Embrace me
through all eternity let’s be together like this
If you’re tired you can lean on me
I’ll always love you baby

I stood staring back to him until my papa forced my face away to him and to the car that was now right beside me. Being so absorbed on the other’s presence on the stairs made me completely lose sense of time and space, not even noticing I was actually looking at him even when I had to turn my neck behind to do that.

Aish! Now my neck hurts!

I didn’t know why did I was looking at him like this, there was just something on that boy calling my eyes to him and to the way he faced me. I was distracted from that when my papa patted my back and told me to get in the car, just in the moment his phone rang.

“Yaboseyo, Park speaking.” Just those words and I knew what they meant already. My time with my papa would be soon over; I would be soon alone again without papa and mama to be with me; papa would certainly leave me behind and have ajusshi to send me home while he would call a taxi to send him over to his company. I knew exactly what he would do because I was already used to it, both when my mama was alive and even after. “Bommie, papa has to go to work. Ajusshi will send you home, alright?”

‘Uh uh hey baby girl
What's up
It’s a dazzling day’

The smile that I knew for some seconds suddenly turned into something else when her dad spoke to her, pushing her gently to enter the black car parked in the parking lot about ten meters away from me. I wonder what happen that could make her pout like that and change her expression so much.

“Papa…” I only noticed I was walking to her standing figure when I heard her whispering. Her melodic voice echoed in my ears just before I hugged her waist making her jump in the moment and turn her face from the leaving taxi with her father inside to me, her eyes full with tears and shock as she recognized the same boy that had been staring at her.

“Cute noona, do you want to play with me?”

‘My girl comes towards me
I see you there, say hi
My sweet lover
I’m still ashamed
I get nervous when you look at me
Hold me like this
Cuz i'm fla fla ye
Fly to the sky’

I didn’t know if it was the fact that I was the one going up to talk to her in first place or the fact that she was needing someone to talk to and play with that made us meet every day, but I was happy enough to see her face every time she came to me.

Soon after that first time, we began to talk and she told me that her mom had died and her dad couldn’t take care of her as she would like him to. Also, since she was a rich heiress, it was very difficult for her to make friends seeing that she barely leaved her house.

That didn’t change my will of being next to her and neither hers, since some years later we continued to meet and she managed even to convince my mom in enroll me in one of the best schools in Korea, same as hers but in 4 classes below since I was 15 and she was already 19.

An age that I hated in her.

An age where boys would be following her like lost puppies even though she didn’t play attention to any of them. That was my only hope of dating her: I knew she liked me, yet I didn’t know if that ‘like’ was best-friend like or love like.

“GD! Look here!” My best friend and love interest run to me and my friend on the hallway some minutes after the bell rang signing the end of one more day. Taking my arm on hers, she took her phone to show me a picture while my friends whispered wows by the fact a beautiful older girl was hugging me. Though she did that a lot, I have to confess, I still felt my cheeks going pink each time she came to me and touch me like this, or even just to talk. “Is he cute?”

‘If we weren’t able to meet
I wonder what would be of me
You’re my reason to live
It’s useless if you’re not here
I need you feel you
Look into my eyes ma luv
Oh baby baby’

I guess nobody ever looked at us different than friends but truth was I have fallen in love with her since the first time I saw her on that street: Park Bom, a carefree, childish, playful, innocent and definitely the best body, face, the best everything I ever saw in my life. She made my life full with her presence and her smile, and made me sad if she was to cry when somebody tease or bully her.

Everybody looked at us and saw two best friends – those who knew us – or two brothers for the unknown people. I really cared for those two thoughts though. I hated when people just saw us as friends or brothers and was not because people though I was the older between the two of us since she was shorter than me and with a more childish look but because they just didn’t think about the possibility of us being lovers. That was what I hated.

When I heard those words coming from her mouth ‘is he cute’ I almost refused to look at her phone screen yet her pouty lips made me turn my face to it never less to see a cute puppy that made me sigh deeply as my heart began to beat again.

I really don’t know what will happen to me when she finds a guy of her age… My only hope is that she feels the same way as me.

“Yeah, Bommie… It’s the cutest I ever saw.”

‘Whisper to me
With those sweet lips

Just stay by my side
With the tears we shed together
While looking at the sky we both promised forever

Let’s pray every day, trust me yeah I love you’

Today is the day; the day I’m confessing Bommie once and for all. I just can bear to let another guy take her away from me while I stand still looking at it. I thought 19 was a damned age, but that was just because I didn’t know a worst one: 22. She was getting older and also more and more beautiful each day, having LOTS of men trying to conquer her, much more than before with the difference that now she was actually blushing and speaking sweetly to them, like she was enjoying having them courting her.

“Bommie, I love you. Please, go out with me.” It was my first time asking somebody out, never less that somebody being my best friend. Usually I was the one being asked to date by girls not the other way around since I didn’t want anybody besides the woman in front of me. I saw how she tried to speak but words didn’t came out of her mouth, making her look like a cute goldfish fighting for breath while her eyes stared at me in confusion. “I loved you since the first time I saw you and continued to love you after that. I can’t live without you anymore.”


here for part 2!!!
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26 May 2012 @ 10:07 pm
part 1


“What I meant… my dear and innocent human love… is that you should worry about this one here…” Kame felt his butt being grabbed rather roughly against the forming bulge of his pants which made him jump a little before he slapped the older’s chest playfully.

“Stop!” The hissing made him smirk as his own tongue began to wet his lips, his hands coming to hug his tiny waist even tighter causing their crotches to knock together while feeling Jin’s hard on against his body. “GOD! Jin!”

“I’ll say it again. I want you... Now.” Jin’s voice tone came rusty as he was too much excited and needy to be one with the only person he loved to talk straight while the little one on his lap continued slapping him lightly, feeling him pushing his head closer until their mouths were just inches away, enough to breath each other’s breaths to noticed how hot they were already.

“I-I want you… Too…” Kame whispered against his lover’s one before his lips were taken again, just seconds before the older forced their bodies to get up the couch to walk to the room while devouring the delicious lips the human had with hungry. “Y-You can… Slower~”

“I could… If I was to mind with THAT” Knowing well that the other was talking and giggling into the wild kiss to the fact that he was knocking almost everything between the living room and the bedroom to the floor, covering the floor in broken glass and china. He took his lips from Kame’s swollen ones when he locked him against the bedroom door just in the moment he had it close and forced his legs to remain hugging his waist for support once the felt the grip on him lighten to sign the younger was ready to get his feet on the ground instead of being supported by the strongest one. Jin just couldn’t allow him to do that in a time all he wanted was to feel the other as close as possible.

His body was almost in fire only by the thought of having the human and his soul mate, the one he lived to search for and the one that finally became his after 8 painful years of waiting. He waste no more time and quickly let his hands roam for the tiny body again, stopping once he reach his crotch to unbutton and unzip his pants, finally freeing the half hard member he once had in his mouth. He still remembered the delicious taste and additive smell and flavor of the other’s cum, knowing that for now on, only he would have the pleasure of having Kame submissive like that.

“Ahh!” Jin’s mouth had to curve again in a dirty smile once his hand found the younger’s length to stroke it slowly yet tight, earning some moans as the other’s head fell back against the door, leaving that one place to where his mouth went soon after: his neck. He took his time nibbling on the soft flesh, lightly biting once here and there and sucking some spots until they grew reddish to mark him again. Somehow inside of him, a new urge was growing too: the urge to prove his older brother that Kame was his only and he would never allow him to touch the human again as long as he was there to protect him. That same urge that ordered him to make Kame beg for his body, for his release, for his cock inside of him. Yes, he wanted him to beg for his dear ass to be filled until the only thing he would managed to say was the vampire’s name, the name of the person whom he belonged to. “J-Jin…”

“What do you want?” God, how Kame loved his sadistic and bossy side, ever since the first time he touched him. Feeling his length being teased by the other’s slowly and light moves made him go crazy, pleading for a stronger touch to feel that indescribable butterfly-feeling on his stomach that would allow him to cum in seconds. Instead, his lover continued to play with him, biting on his flesh as his thumb began to draw small circles around his member’s tip, spreading the already leaking pre-cum around him.

“Do it… Harder…” Another little cry left his lips along his words as the older ceased his movements only to tease him again by licking his own fingers seductively while staring at his eyes with that lustily look he loved.

“I know your voice better than just a whisper~” Kame only purred cutely, his eyelashes beating quickly to convince the other to continue his administrations fearing he had to go and cum without Jin’s touch anymore. “Say it! What do you want?”

“Ohh~” The feeling of Jin’s hips rolling under him was making his body shrink by the sweet torture of having the big bulge on his pants sliding against his ass. “Jin, your hand… I want to cum…”

“Scream it!”

Beg, beg for more of me. I’ll give you everything I have and also the things I don’t.

“Ahh! Fuck, Jin! Make me cum hard in your hand! Plea-” Jin’s strong body continue to hold Kame on his arms, this time walking into the bed’s direction as his lips took the human’s ones again in another painful sweet kiss.

Without any thought, the vampire threw him to the sheets making his body jump twice before it lay down still with a giggling person right in the middle of them as his own body move to top him and his tongue began to lick a path from his ear till his chest, nibbling on every piece of flesh he found on his way until he end up teasing the pink and hard numbs on the other’s body that shuddered all over in thousands waves of pleasure. That same pleasure that only increased when Jin’s hand finally found its way back to Kame’s neglect member to pump it seriously this time, making the younger’s hips move involuntary against the hand touching him as he moaned his lover’s name over and over again.

“You like this?” His answer was nothing more than a whispered cry between the music coming from his mouth to reach his ears. “But my hand’s not enough, isn’t it?” This time, Kame shook his head as his teeth scratched his own lips, trying somehow to decrease his moans, which turned impossible when Jin lowered his head a little more, first teasing his belly button then a little lower until he was face to face with his member, taking off his pants and boxers on his way. “Hello there, little Kame-chan~”

“P-Please… MmmAh!” Just like the time before, the vampire didn’t take too long in placing those wonderful lips on the wet tip, sucking the place slowly while his tongue drew small circles in a likely slow motion. Slurping sounds joined the cries and spread together along the room first, then to entire house. “J-Jin… I’ll cum…” Kame whispered, his hands moved to his lover’s hair, his fingers playing with the soft brown locks as the other pushed his mouth to engulf him totally, deep throating him until he began to shiver, signing his words were true and he was about to explode on the other’s mouth, though that didn’t made him stop sucking on the little one’s length. “JIN!!!” His body felt tired after a blowjob, just like in the first time, but Jin was still painfully hard, teasing him again by rubbing their lower bodies until life returned to his length while his mouth was busy enough sharing the last flavor of the younger’s cum with him, tongues fighting with each other until he surrendered and let Jin ordered the two muscles inside his mouth, to massage, play, suck and bite lightly on his lover’s tongue, lips and mouth in erotic yet needy moves. His hands started roaming for the other’s naked body once again, this time almost directly to the soft and white globes of his ass, forcing Kame’s legs to hug his waist to increase the friction between their crotches and ease Jin’s access to the next step to the younger’s prep.

“Kazu… Your tight little ass likes my finger so much~” They barely separate their mouths to the older speak seconds after his finger slipped almost easily for the tight hole belonging to the other’s perfect body earning a mix of moans and cries of pain and pleasure that made him enter a second finger not after that long, moving them in scissoring moves as his mouth began to spread light kisses along his jaw, neck and shoulders until his ear where he took his time sucking on his ear lobe, giving it a somehow strong bite at the same time his fingers buried again on his hole.

“J-Jin… Enough… Ju-” He wanted to belong to his soul mate now. He didn’t even care that Jin’s obviously huge cock could hurt him and make him limp on the next days if he wasn’t ready enough for that, but his mind was going crazy in pleasure and lust, he just couldn’t bare the waiting anymore, he needed to feel his lover inside of him already. His plan, though, was completely ignored by the other as he hissed in pain when a third finger joined the others, loosing him even more. Small pearls of sweat began to run on his forehead by now, caused by the slightly unbearable pain on his lower back but Jin quickly moved to kiss his skin, trying somehow to erase the pain before he thought Kame was relaxed and his opening was roomy enough to support the wide and big member waiting hard and angry to free itself from the tissue covering it and took his fingers off, directly driving them to release his hard on from his pants, first, then the remain clothes as he took a sitting position over Kame’s hips, grinning seductively to the being under him.

“How my little turtle wants to be fucked?” Jin knew once he was to be one with Kame their problems would finish. No more Ryo, no other vampire would search for the human that would be since that moment a pure vampire who, according to the legend, would be the most powerful vampire of all the time, the one who could actually choose his way of living: if he didn’t want to, he wouldn’t need to feed on blood; he would have the full powers of a normal vampire: speed, over sensitive nose and ears, strength; and the last and most important thing: he would be immortal with the capacity of keeping that warm heart, hot body and delicious blood running on his veins, only he would be strong enough to protect himself though Jin was planning to do it even if it wasn’t needed. Called it a super-powerful human if you want, but that idea sound like heaven to Jin. Coming back to earth from his thoughts, he looked down on Kame to see his lustful eyes staring at his, his tiny hands moving on his thighs up and down while his lips were being bitten over and over again and he could swear he was able to see the clouds of hot air coming out his lightly parted lips.

“Please… Jin…”

“You know what you have to do.” A little more tease wouldn’t hurt anyone, not now that Jin full bare and erect cock was sliding slowly against Kame’s one with those magical hips he had.

“JIN! PUT IT IN ME!” Kame screamed knowing the other wanted to hear more begs coming from him.

“What’s ‘it’?” Another roll and the younger threw his head back, not managing to hide his cries anymore.

“Fuck! YOUR COCK! SLAM YOUR BIG AND STRONG COCK INSIDE OF ME!!!” Since when did he turn so naughty? Right after screaming those words he blushed hard, covering his mouth between his hands as Jin began to laugh hard, taking his body from the younger’s to kneel against him better, his hands wrapping around his legs to throw them over his shoulders.

“My, my~~ The love of my life is such a naughty slut~” He sang, getting ready to enter Kame with his large head though stopping a little before to look at the one he loved above all.

“I’m not- Ahh! It hurts!!!” He was about to refuse being called a ‘slut’ when, with a smile, Jin penetrated him, burying completely inside before he stopped giving time for Kame to relax and get used with his size as he leaned until he was face to face with him to kiss the little tears away from his eyes and whispered how much he loved him on his ear. He knew it was supposed to hurt, but seeing the younger in so much pain was actually breaking his heart, if he had one, so instead of thrusting his hips, for some seconds he stood quiet, trying to control himself from moving though the pleasure and the tightness of the other’s hole was almost unbearable. “Jin... Move…” Glad that the other was not in that much pain anymore he began his thrusts, kissing his lips as his tongue began to roam inside his mouth.

“Kazu… You’re so tight… So good…” Jin got a better hold on his lover’s hips to thrust harder against a point he knew he had found once Kame screamed in the kiss they were sharing.

“J-Jin! RIGHT THERE! Mmm~~ I’m… going… cum again!” To give pleasure on your lover one better than receive pleasure. That was what his father always told him when he wasn’t sure of his feelings for Kame. According to him, if he truly loved the human, then his well-being, his pleasure, would always come first. That was exactly what he felt about him otherwise he wouldn’t managed to not drink a single drop of his blood, neither he would have being this nice and careful in preparing him before his length could take his hole raw.

“Cum then. I want you to cum hard!” His breathing began to came out quickly and between the thousand moans as the older took his length on his hand, pumping it at the same rhythm as his slams right on the other’s prostate and in less than a minute he was releasing the white and pure cum again in Jin’s hand and his own stomach while his screams went low to pinch high and then to low again just like the moves of his back that arched right when he cummed. Jin too, in the moment Kame’s hole begin to clench around him, making his length be smashed in that already close-fitting hole of his, couldn’t take more and after two more thrusts cummed hard inside of the hotness of his lover’s ass, also screaming the other’s name over and over again before he felt next to Kame, panting as hard as the other but with strength enough to put his arm under the younger’s neck and drive his face to his, pecking his lips some times until the other giggled.

“Mou, Jin~~ I’m not dead yet~” Kame pouted as Jin began to caress his cheek slowly with his thumb. He couldn’t see any difference on the other even after they mate. Maybe Hayato was wrong about the young human after all and he wasn’t the one supposed to be a pure vampire, descendent of Odagiri. There was one little thing tough that made him change his mind in seconds: Kame’s eyes were also deep red just like his when he was hungry for blood. “Something’s wrong?”

“Your eyes are r-” Just in the moment he was about to reveal the true to the obvious ignorant human, if he was still a normal one, his stomach rumbled so loud that he had to laugh as the younger just widen his eyes before hiding them between his hands, a beautiful color of pink filling his cheeks. “Are you that hungry?” Biting his lips he nodded.

“Don’t laugh! Ryo-san brought me here before I could get something to eat!”

“Let’s get you something to eat then… What do you want? Food or…” The hands covering his face lowered to reveal two big red balls blinking confused by his words. “Maybe I should have told you the story before I fucked you… Why do you have to be so cute?!” Kame chuckled when Jin moved to be on top of him once again, pinning his hands above his head. “Let’s try this then~”

“W-What?! Jin! I don’t-” The older just his mouth with his, forcing his tongue inside, interrupting his cry when he saw his lover biting his lip strong to drew blood to share with him. Jin knew he hated blood above all things! Ever since he was a kid each time he was to fall and bleed he would threw a drama just by seeing a tiny piece of blood. He could even break all his bones but as long as he didn’t bleed anywhere, he wouldn’t cry or panic. Fortunately with the years he was capable of controlling his disgust to the red substance though it still made him a little sick to see it, just like before when his hand was cut. The fact was Jin knew he would never like blood! Not even if blood was the only thing he could drink to survive. Not even if- “Didn’t imagine you would like it so much…” Only there Kame noticed he wasn’t disgust with the blood’s taste at all. Instead, he was taking his time sucking on the little wound on Jin’s lip, not really kissing him anymore, just locking his lip between own as he drank each drop coming and sucked for more.

“AHH! W-What?! How?! When?! AHH!!!” Jin didn’t even understand the reason why his lover was getting so work up about. Sure, he drank blood when he was supposed not to like it but was it really necessary to knock him down the bed like that? Not that he wanted to admit but his ass was hurting by falling in the floor after one unexpected and powerfully strong flip. “AHH! What’s wrong with me?!!!JIN!”

“Kazu!” For much he loved to see his lover naked and throwing his body side to side he just wasn’t enough ready to have him suffering from a heart attack or even a panic one, not now. So, to calm him down, he climbed again in the bed and held his face between his lips staring straight to his already brown eyes – probably like that because he had feed for now. “Hear me out for now… Then you can panic again.” The younger stopped his moves and kept his eyes on the other, waiting for an explanation, a very good one on what the hell was he now. He didn’t think he came to like, better, love blood just because; there was a cause for that and Jin was hiding it from him when he needed to know. Also, he didn’t believe he could turn into a vampire – the only reason for him to somehow like blood now – just because they had sex. Was he ready to face reality as a blood sucker demon? Was Jin going to help him face it? What about his brother and friends? What about Yuya? He wouldn’t be capable of seeing them again in a near future right?

Maybe… too much Twilight here…

He corrected himself, remembering how Hayato-san said those fiction histories were nothing but that: fiction.

Then maybe… I can see them even now!

His thoughts were so mixed, so confused to his own head that only a question run through his lips.

“What am I?”

Human… Vampire… or something else?


Whoa! I made a long chapter for two reasons: first, and i really have to say sorry for this, as you read, first part is very boring T_T so to make it better I added some smut >.<
secondly, I was too busy to write, still am, and made all of you wait too long for this, so this is also your reward for waiting so patiently~~ I love you, readers *hugs*
Oh! and I had my graduation last Sunday and uploaded some pictures here that you are free to see and comment :3

That's all for A/N on this chappy <3

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26 May 2012 @ 10:00 pm
Title: Vampire's Kiss
Pairing: Akame, RyoKame, PiKame (later), RyoJin (Brothers)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Vampire, Smutt~~
Disclaimer: Only own the plot unfortunely T_T
Summary: Jin is a vampire who falls in love with a human since the first time he met him. His brother Ryo is supposed to marry with a human. Yamapi is searching for a human to kill his thirst on. What are they supposed to do when their human turns to be the same?


Chapter 9

“Don’t tell me the dishes also know he’s mine? That’s really good then~~” A voice coming from the door asked, his eyes as red as his brother’s while holding two crazy-for-sweet-blood vampires by their collarbones who were ready to attack too once they smelled blood, staring back at the scene before him while trying to control himself from his lover’s blood smell that had reached his nose long before.

“Jin…” Kame whispered between tears and cries as Ryo ignored the other’s presence totally to sink his fangs right over the cut on Kame’s hand, sucking more of his blood of him. “No… Stop…”

“RYO!” This time he screamed, making his brother lick his lips looking at Kame before he turned to face the beast. The younger vampire’s eyes turned even more red, a deep color not even Ryo had ever seen as he knocked the two thirsty vampires on his hands to walk on human’s direction. The other remained still, trying to figure if his eye balls were revealing anger or hunger, lips covering his smirk when Jin kneeled next to Kame and him.

“We can feed together if you want~~” He believed his brother couldn’t and wouldn’t resist the sweet scent coming out the human. After all, even if he tried to hide his instincts over and over again, facing a so delicious thing as the one bleeding, he wouldn’t be capable of not biting him off. That same feeling that also remained intact on his own body.

“You.Are.Dead.” The vampire said between his teeth, grabbing Kame’s hand from his grip, taking it to his face’s level and stared at the teary eyes staring back at him, pleading for his next action not to be the one he heard the other say. “Get out-”

“I’m already dead, dear brother~~” Ryo sang dangerously getting close to Kame again while sniffing the air around him.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” Just like the animal his monster side was, he fast got up and dragged him out of the room, pinning him against a wall before he could kick him off the house. “If you ever touch MY Kazu again… I’ll have you face your worst nightmare, even if you are my brother.” Jin hissed, punching his brother out in one go and stumbling behind to drag the two sleeping vampires out too.

Now, he had something to care about. He had to make sure Kame was safe, which was pretty difficult since he was there and he was also a vampire who had long for his blood for years now.

He slowly walked inside again, getting in the room to face the younger that stood still in the floor, trying to get up and walk to cover his wound as he probably knew Jin was also a danger for him in his condition before his eyes turned to face the vampire who kept staring at his hand while saying to his own mind he had to control himself.

“Kazu… Tell me you’re alright…” Standing on the door he whispered to his lover, closing his eyes when he nodded slowly and wrapped a piece of his shirt around his hand after he ripped the tissue off, trying to somehow hide the most blood and its smell from reach of the other’s nose, which noticeable not worked.

“J-Jin! You don’t… Don’t!” Kame had to moan when the vampire took him on his arms and laid him on the bed, finally seeing some red of his eyes fading and felt his hand being lick soon after he slid the tissue off to let the his tongue slowly taste the blood soaking it.

“I can’t… I want you.” He tried, he really tried to control himself and not drink from the other yet it was impossible after all. Being with Kame without having the scent of blood was difficult already but to have him next to him, hurting and bleeding was just impossible after all.

“Jin… Can you… turn me into a vampire?” That question made the other stop when his tongue was about to touch the human’s wound, his eyes quickly lifting to meet the other’s stare as he bit on his own lip.

“T-Turn you?” Grateful enough that question was somehow a distraction from what he was about to do, he sat next in the bed next to his lover’s laid figure, smiling sweetly when he nod uncertainly of his own words now.

“I want to be with you… Forever…” Being awful daring for someone who was about to be eaten alive, Kame lifted his body to support himself on one elbow, caressing Jin’s face with the other hand as he drove his lips to glue on the stronger hot ones before he whispered his reason not long after, still nibbling on his cheek.

“I would turn you now.” Even if a part of him liked Kame too much to make him a monster like he was, he knew also he wanted to have him for all eternity. That being, he would not be cynical enough to say he didn’t want to make his lover a vampire, because sooner or later he would finish by doing it. However, even if he was ready now to make the younger’s wishes, he could smell a very familiar scent on his nose, knowing his father was coming on his way any moment now. “Let’s fix you for now to assure no bad ass vampire besides me wants to drink your blood~~” Kame giggled cutely and pout, waiting for Jin to kiss him again but the other only tap his fingers in his lips. “Bath and bandage. Now~~”

“Mou! I wanted a kiss!” He hissed, but still got up and walked to the bathroom just like he was ordered to while Jin threw himself to the sheets, feeling Kame’s scent all over the room. Damn, his scent was all over the place and outside too. That had been his luck to find his lover before Ryo could kill him like he did to that woman.

~~ Kame’s POV ~~

I got out my bath almost as perfect as I was some hours ago, before Ryo-san kidnapped me here. My wound too, maybe for having two vampires licking me, was staring to heal faster than any wound I had in my fifteen years so it made it easier to bandaged it neatly, not leaving a single place uncovered by white tissue.

I still wondered why I asked Jin to turn me into a vampire earlier.

I like being human, and only the thought of feeding on blood was already making my stomach clench angry in disgust. However, being so close to death somehow made me have second thoughts about being human.

To put it simple, I had my ‘normal’ life on one side and another one, my life with Jin that seemed to have much more weight on my decision for now.

“Jin! I finished already~~ You- Oh!” I walked to the living room to see not only my lover but also Hayato-san and three more men sitting on the couch while I and Jin were the only ones up on our foot.

~~ End of Kame’s POV ~~

“Kazuya, sit here and take this.” The vampire’s leader held a bag full of garlic on his hand, signing him to take it and press near his wound with a disgust face before his hands went to the human’s shoulders to make him sit.

“AH! So vampire’s hate garlic after all!” He pointed smartly to earn a little slap on his head by his lover as he turned to face the later with a cute pout on his mouth. “Why~~”

“It’s not that we hate it but it’s the only thing here that can… distract us… from your… well… blood.” Jin answered, sitting next to the younger and hugging by his waist comfortably as one hand played with his wet locks, not caring much for the light slaps he received on his arms time to time neither the glances he gave to make him stop embarrassing him in front of his father. It was like that until his hand came forcefully away when the older one finally stopped asking and bothering them with apologies for BOTH his sons behavior and to have to go through all this in so short time, to ask them if they knew that Kame wasn’t a normal human at all, and thus the reason of him being the chosen one to ate with Ryo first and now Jin since Hayato would never allow one of his children lose his soul mate to the other and knew perfectly well Ryo was only interested in the other because of his blood.

“Kame is not a human?!” Jin almost panicked hearing his father question to them, seeing the same reaction on the younger’s face as well. Damn, if he was not human than he was what? A vampire couldn’t be. A half vampire would be dead by now since they can’t have their blood drank by another vampire. Maybe he was some kind of creature Jin didn’t know about, or maybe an even more dangerous creature besides him. Either way, he didn’t mind, he would have Kame forever and ever.

“Not totally.” That affirmation made both lovers look at each other as the older took hold of the younger’s hand. He’s a long lost generation of a pure vampire.” The leader said in one go, waiting for some reaction from the beings in front of him. However what he got was a burst of laughs and some blinks from Kame before he too joined to the laughing man next to him.

“Ano, Hayato-san… I can’t be a vampire. I mean…” Kame began between breaths while trying to contain his stomach not to hurt by his laughs.

“H-He hates… blood!” Hayato lifted his eyebrow and sighed when he heard Jin finishing his words and the younger nodding, turning again to laugh with each other, the vampire looking at him time to time and saying it was impossible over and over again.

“It’s a curse. His ancestor was cursed not to be able to continue the Odagiri clan. Thus Kame is now a human and not a pure blood.” Alright, now that sounded too much to be a lie or a joke, making the two of them stop laughing to have Kame push Jin off him to fall on his ass on the floor and he turned his entire attention to the vampire now.

“H-How… Vampire… Me?” He asked pointing to his own nose to earn a nod from the one and only vampire he liked, besides his Jin of course.

“How the hell do you know that, old man?!” Jin forgot his own back hurting when he saw how shocked his lover was by the new revelation. Well, even he was surprised to hear Kame was supposed to be a pure, even better than him.

“Odagiri’s leader was the one who turned me. He was also the one who created the hierarchy and the entire vampire system. You could say he was a vampire prince, I’m sure you heard about that Jin.” He had. He had read so many stories about this specie when he was still a human and when he was just a newborn that he knew the entire history about Odagiri Ryu, called Vampire Prince by almost everyone, the last pure vampire and the kindest one existing in the world, who only transformed others on their behalves like in situations of facing death or when they asked him to, like Hayato had done.

According to the legend, and he sure had a pretty big one, Odagiri was the son of two only and powerful vampire lords that started creating the vampire world as it exists now since the first scratch. He conceived the pyramid of power and was the first that started to select carefully his victims, both to kill and turn, even going against his parents there.

It was also said the only harsh act he had ever done was ordering his best friend, a powerful wizard, to put a spell on his parents to kill them since they were destroying the world with their disrespectful and cruel attitude. He had to go through that with magic though since it’s known to be the only thing that can actually kill full vampires. A one and only little yet strong way only sorcerers could control. The moment Kamiya Naoki, Odagiri’s best friend killed his parents was the moment the humanity was freed from the vampire’s cruelty. The same humans that claimed him as a hero in a time human and vampire could still live in the same world, knowing each other’s existence. Since that moment, vampires were well trained to eat from animals or criminals convicted to death that the people themselves gave to them.

All that happiness lasted short though, once he met a beautiful young human woman whom he swore eternal love, pretty much like Jin had done with Kame. Not that their love wasn’t enough, not that he betrayed her or the other way around, none of those were the reasons why their love turned out to be impossible.

Their destruction came a little long after Odagiri introduced her to Kamiya, who fell madly for his best friend’s woman even if it was their marriage and they already had a child sleeping in their love nest. Knowing Odagiri would never allow his now vampire woman to be his, he painful killed him, only casting a spell on the little baby since the beautiful girl plead for his son’s life, even promising she would be his if he was to show some mercy.

The curse was simple: No other pure vampire would be born to continue Odagiri’s legacy, since the vampire blood on his child would slowly fade away as the line of descendants would only mate with humans for now on, ending completely the first vampire clan that ever existed.

Although - and in the present moment this seemed to be the main part of that entire conversation - every curse has its way to break. In this case, it was written that somewhere along the time, more than 1000 years from when the curse was first cast, there would be a descendent from Odagiri’s blood, who would have the most delicious and calling liquid running on his veins, who could finally break the curse by loving a turned vampire and besides other things, mate with him, thus returning to his state of rightful pure vampire’s and leader of Odagiri’s clan, restoring everything to the right place.

Jin remembered all his books on his mind, staring at Kame seriously as he understood his father’s idea of Kame being Odagiri’s lost heir while the other just shook his arm for some attention since he wasn’t giving it to him, lost in his own little world.

“Something’s wrong?” Kame asked when Jin finally looked at him. “Ne… Who’s that Odagiri-san?” Without him taking noticed of that, his father and his men had already left the house, leaving them alone now that he noted he was already on the news, and Kame was sit straight on his lap instead of next to him in the couch like before.

Like I mind mating with this little kitten~~

“Odagiri was a pure vampire.” He said simply, not wanting to tell him further than that when he was testing Jin’s will power by sitting over the other and jumping a little on his lap, not happy with the answer he got.

“I already know that. I mean what is he to me?” Kame whined a little more, waiting that his actions would somehow convinced the other to reveal more about his past, something he thought the older knew since he stood looking at the empty space for minutes before he was able to wake him up to the real world.

He was really curious and the fact that Jin wasn’t looking like he would tell him about his thoughts only made his curiosity go even wilder. What was he after all? A descent from a pure vampire, that isn’t a pure vampire or a simple vampire at all. That question was totally messing up with his mind right now. That and Jin looking at him with full deep red eyes filled with lust.

“Kazu… Is that really what you…? Want to ask right now?” Jin could feel himself harden each second his tiny little lover moved over him. Just an increased friction or an innocent rub of their bodies would probably drive the older to his limit and the fact that Kame didn’t seem to mind with the effect his actions were provoking only make things – or a certain ‘thing’ - worse.

“Yes. Ne, Jin~~ Answer me or I’ll tickle you!” The younger threatened more serious than ever though his voice had a small hint of amusement on it. Jin only lifted one if his eyebrows, knowing the effect it would have on the other and smirk once Kame bit lightly on his own lip.

“Tickle me? I’m a vampire; I don’t feel ticklish at- Ahh!” He only saw Kame pout cutely at him before he almost drop the other on the floor once he began to lick his neck like a kitten, making him laugh so hard that he had to scream. He never knew that place of his body was so sensitive, or maybe it was just because it was his lover one licking him with soft and light moves of the tip of his tongue.

“Teheh~~ Now, tell me!” The human giggled soon after he stopped torturing Jin, ordering him again to tell him his thoughts.

part 2 here^^

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21 May 2012 @ 10:16 am

So yesterday was my graduation from college so I wanted to post some photos of it for you to see how a graduation is done here in Portugal (already did it on my facebook but not everyone here has it so… yeah seemed a good idea to post it here too^^)

My other reason to post this is to prove to you that I was really busy for this month and that’s why I had no time left to write my fics T_T though I promise a new Vampire’s Kiss extra-long chappy coming soon!

This is me asking my cousin to STOP taking photos inside the church! LOL


Me and my two BFs from college (though one is missing T_T) eheh can you see one of them is actually half chinese? :P


My cousins and me (we are gorgeous right? ><)

My parents and my little brother^^

Home already~~ This photo was meant to be with my passed away grand parents T_T (that's their picture back there) because my mom told me they would certainly be proud of me on this day and wanted a photo too... so i took it.

And.. to end it well:


Class of 2012^^ 

So what do you think? Is a beautiful tradition right? Eheh.
You can comment all you want, I don't mind at all. If you want to ask for details or about something you wish to know about a little more, just ask and I'll answer you^^
I do have more photos in my FB account so if you want you can add me too here. Oh, and I'll still waiting for some other photos that only my aunt's camera got so... probably not on LJ but on FB i'll upload it later~~

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